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Pedal Through, by first-time film director and new mountain biker Analise. Follow her journey of self-healing and growth during a week-long bikepacking adventure through the Oregon backcountry.



All day sun protection that never wears off.

A first of its kind, our Summerweight Jersey is the perfect solution to protect your skin from prolonged sun exposure. Like air conditioning for your skin, this weightless fabric allows breeze to pass through while UPF 50+ protection keeps harmful UV rays out, and will actually keep you cooler on the hottest summer days.


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Why We Made This


No matter how many times we reapplied sunscreen on rides, our skin was still exposed to harmful UV rays which, over time, can lead to melanoma and early signs of aging. We wanted a physical barrier against the sun. Something that didn't wear off, sweat off, or require constant re-application, and the Summerweight Jersey is our solution.

Turns out, this highly breathable barrier also keeps you cooler on the hottest days! By trapping moisture on the skin, it provides an air conditioning effect the minute you start moving and the wind hits your skin.


- Ultra Lightweight fabric that allows breeze to pass right through. 

- UPF 50+ protects your skin from sun damage. 

- Three full sized back pockets to store everything you need for all day rides without sagging. 

- Additional secured zipper pocket with moisture       barrier for keys and cards. 

- Four way stretch for fantastic fit. 

- Top quality, self-locking, zippers that lie flat. 


Size & Fit

A snug fit is crucial to performance!

Choose the size closest to your bust. 

If you are under 5'-3" tall we recommend sizing down.

If you are over 6' tall, you may need to size up.


Jade is wearing Medium and is:

5'Äô4'Äù / bust 36'Äù / waist 28.5'Äù / hip 36'Äù

Victoria is wearing a size XX-Large and is:

5'10" / bust 47.5" / waist 41.5" / hip 53"

Anna is wearing a size X-Large and is:

5'7" / bust 44.5" / waist 35" / hip 50"

Riley is wearing a size X-Small and is:

5'7" / bust 34" / waist 25" / hip 36"

Alexus is wearing size X-Large and is:

5'10" / bust 40" / waist 36" / hip 46.5"

Christina is wearing size Small and is: 

5'9" / bust 35" / waist 29" / hip 38"

Arame is wearing size Large

5'11" / bust 36" / waist 33.5" / hip 47"

Lexa is wearing size XX-Large

5'9" / bust 47" / waist 41" / hip 48"


Check out our Fit Guide for more detailed instructions, or pop your measurements into our fit calculator for a personalized recommendation!



Detail & Care

To get the longest life out of your garment, we recommend washing in cold water with a mild detergent and hanging it to dry. If you need to toss it in the dryer in a pinch, that's okay! Just keep this to a minimum. Overtime, heat can degrade the yarn, resulting in lost compression and durability.


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As always, we put fit first and this product was developed to perform for every body shape. Offering in sizes XX-Small through XXX-Large.


Our Summerweight fabric is so light and breezy air passes right through, while the sun's harmful UV rays are blocked with UPF 50+ protection.


Just like our Endurance Jersey, the Summerweight is designed with three full-sized back pockets plus a secret side zipped pocket for those small items you don't want to lose.


Don't let the name fool you! Our Summerweight, paired with our long sleeve Luxe Cropped Base, is the perfect combination to take this jersey from blazing hot summers to cool winter days.


Sizing Calculator


For cycling bibs and shorts, the HIP MEASUREMENT is the most crucial factor. Measure around the WIDEST POINT of the hips/bum. If you are between sizes or petite (5'3" or under), we recommend SIZING DOWN for a compressive fit. A snug fit is crucial to performance. Check out our FIT GUIDE for more detailed instructions, or pop your measurements into the fit calculator above for a personalized recommendation! (Please note, the fit guide requires chest, waist and hip measurements.)