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Palm Cycling Sock Palm Cycling Sock Palm Cycling Sock Palm Cycling Sock
  • Palm Cycling Sock
  • Palm Cycling Sock
  • Palm Cycling Sock
  • Palm Cycling Sock

Palm Cycling Sock

$ 20


  • Small: Size 36 - 39.5
  • Medium: Size 40 - 42.5
  • Large: Size 43 - 45.5

If you need help determining your size, contact us!


    Girl gangs unite.

    If you've ever found yourself stopped on the side of the road in the middle of a longer-than-necessary ride, giggling uncontrollably, trying like hell to swallow some food while the girl next to you just pulled a secret flask out of her jersey pocket, you probably know what Bande De Filles and Machines For Freedom are about. Bonus points if a crew of all-too-serious roadies flies by your pitstop, with a disdainful look. Bonus-bonus points if you pass them up again once back on the road, still smiling.

    That amazing, giggly, fast as hell stoke that takes over when women come together on two wheels: that's what we're after. The Athletic and Machines teamed up and bottled that feeling. This limited release features socks from The Athletic,  inspired by our Summerweight Palms Prints. The pair features a mismatched style, and they come in two heights! 

    • Made in Italy. Designed in Portland.
    • Mismatched pair.
    • 80% Polyamide, 20% Lycra.
    • Classic 6" cuff height.
    • Unisex.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    So fun! “Did you I tend to have two different socks?”

    Good fit, fun design, super comfortable! Love the socks! Any excuse to get in my bike, and wearing a new pair of socks is as good an excuse as any! Wear it with my Palms long sleeve.

    The gateway drug

    I bought these socks for my mom as a birthday present and for a weeklong tour she was about to embark on. Needless to say she fell in love with the print/fit/moisture wicking abilities of these socks, but one thing she couldn't stop talking about were all the compliments she got on the rad design.

    My mom got married last fall, left her home of over 20 years to live in Minnesota, and in her transition has been trying to find her way back into a new cycling community. When we were on the phone recently she told me she wasn't sure if she was fitting into the women's group rides in Saint Paul, mainly because she was a bit older than the majority of the riders. I told her she was an invaluable member then; from decades of riding she knows bike mechanics inside and out, can change a flat faster than anyone I know, and knows those really juicy secretes that reveal themselves only through decades of riding. When I asked her what she wanted to her birthday she laughed and said she wanted a pair of cool cycling socks to fit in with the young riders and I knew immediately where to go. I've been wearing MFF for years now and it felt so special that I got to share this women's focused brand with the woman who not only taught me how to ride, but made me aware that I always had a place in the community. In a time when my mom continues to look for her next bike community I smile every time I think of her cruising in her MFF socks with the "Young, hip, Minnesotan" riders.

    Buy these socks, they will in fact make you have more faster and at the very least more fun to talk to.

    I love the socks

    They are cute, whimsical, but better yet, they are top quality and feel good on my feet. They are thin enough for bike shoes but not too thin, and no annoying folds. I am going to buy a second pair. This way I can match them or unmatched them depending on my mood.

    Can't get enough machines 3" socks

    These socks are soft, stylish, and perfect in length (3") for those days you don't want to look like a total roadie, but still need to rock some cycling socks.

    FUN beautiful socks!

    fit great, look great, supports women riding? whats could be wrong when everything is so right!

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