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Original Endurance Bib in Tall - FINAL SALE

Designed with the long distance cyclist in mind, these cycling bibs will be a staple in your closet. Think of them as the little black dress of your cycling wardrobe.

Our bibs are offered in two inseam lengths. A classic length that hits just above the knee, and a shorter inseam that hits mid thigh.



Why We Made This

When we first designed the Endurance Cycling Bib, we set out to create the best women's cycling bibs ever. We tackled a couple common complaints: shorts that left us with saddle sores, or worse; ones that shifted around, rolled up and down, and didn't make us feel our best; and of course, ones that were simply unflattering.

This bib was designed from the ground up to create a flattering silouette and elimiate "sausage leg". We utilize high-compression fabric to keep the bibs and chamois in place all day long and eliminate chaffing. And our top-of-the-line chamois is sized for all seat bones widths, with a bacterio-static top sheet that is the softest on the market. It's like sitting on a cloud!


- Top-of-the-line Italian chamois sized for all sit   bone widths.

- Ultra high density chamois pad suitable for your   longest days

- Carbon-fiber micro-fiber chamois top sheet for the   softest handfeel on the market and bacterio-static     properties to prevent irritations from getting worse.

- High-compression, high-wicking fabric, that   maintains shape after hours in the saddle. Leg   band that provides staying power without pinching   or squeezing


Size & Fit

A snug fit is crucial to performance!

If you are under 5'-3" tall we recommend sizing down.

If you are over 6' tall, you may need to size up.

These bibs have a 9" inseam.


Check out our Fit Guide for more detailed instructions, or pop your measurements into our fit calculator for a personalized recommendation!

Details and Care

To get the longest life out of your garment, we recommend washing in cold water with a mild detergent and hanging it to dry. If you need to toss it in the dryer in a pinch, that's okay! Just keep this to a minimum. Overtime, heat can degrade the yar, resulting in lost compression and durability.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped free within the US, and will include a pre-paid return label for easy returns and exchanges.

If ordering from outside of the US, be sure to check local duties and taxes! Machines does not cover this cost and rates vary country to country.

For international returns, please use the carrier of your choice and return to 1475 S 5070 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84104



As always, we put fit first and this product was developed to perform for every shape, with sizing from X-Small through XXX-Large.


Compression helps eliminate chaffing and keeps the chamois locked in place after hours in the saddle.


Sizing Calculator


For cycling bibs and shorts, the HIP MEASUREMENT is the most crucial factor. Measure around the WIDEST POINT of the hips/bum. If you are between sizes or petite (5'3" or under), we recommend SIZING DOWN for a compressive fit. A snug fit is crucial to performance. Check out our FIT GUIDE for more detailed instructions, or pop your measurements into the fit calculator above for a personalized recommendation! (Please note, the fit guide requires chest, waist and hip measurements.)