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Meet Jenn

When I started to get serious about cycling, I became increasingly frustrated by how difficult it was to find great clothes.  I'd pack for long riding weekends and while the guys were deciding which kits to bring from their vast cycling wardrobes, I was scrambling to find enough kit to get me through several continuous days of riding.  I finally reached my breaking point after a 120 mile excursion that left me with several 'issues' that required me to take an extended break from my bike.  I couldn't be the only one facing these problems, and after talking to women in the cycling community it seemed these problems were not "just me", so in October of 2013 I left my decade-long career in hotel and restaurant design to focus full-time on bringing MACHINES FOR FREEDOM to fruition.

Cycling has so many incredible qualities to offer women - fitness, community, accomplishment, adventure, freedom, fun - I believe we need the right clothes to fully experience what the bike can offer. I started MACHINES FOR FREEDOM to bring women high-quality, high-performance, well thought-out apparel; and in the process, hopefully inspire a few more ladies to join us for a ride.