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Our kits are made to last through intensive training programs, epic adventures, and plenty of #recoverymiles. If your legs can handle it, your kit should be able to handle it too.

 Follow these tips to ensure your kit looks sleek forever: 

  • Always wash your kit in cold water on the Delicate/Gentle cycle of your machine. Regular detergent works just fine, but we prefer the natural kind without harsh chemicals. If you want to be extra careful, hand washing works well.

  • Keep your kit with like colors, as the bibs may lose a bit of dye after their first washing (similar to a new pair of dark jeans).

  • It's very important to wash your kit away from any items with zippers, snaps, or velcro that might snag the fabric. Your best bet to avoid snags is to wash your kit in a laundry bag so it's protected from any sharp edges inside the machine itself.

  • Always hang dry!

  • Bikepacking? We learned that Dr. Bronner's and river water work pretty well too!

For Caps:

  • Wash in cold water to keep colors fresh.

  • Always hang dry!

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