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Women's Cycling Accessories

Women's Cycling Accessories

Water bottles, cycling caps, cycling socks and sun sleeves. Cycle accessories are both totally necessary and a bit extra. For example, you don't NEED a set of bottles, cap and socks that match your favorite kit. But who's to say what's really a necessity anyway? 

These are functional and completely essential cycling accessories: the cherry on top of a perfect ride. Bonus points if you collect them all! 

Our fave tips for wearing cycling caps from the #machinesforfreedom community!

#1: Sweat-soaker: Caps act as a built-in sweat rag for long, hot rides. They prevent sweat from turning your sunscreen into a melty mess and keep that bacteria away from your helmet pads. You can wash them much easier than a helmet, thus extending the life of that lid. 

#2: Sun-blocker: Sunscreen and shades are great, but nothing blocks the sun quite like a physical visor. 

#3: Helmet A/C! Soak your cap in cold water on summer rides for a built in cooling system!

#4: Make it personal: Take note from @ladeezoflunch and add a pin to your brim!

#5: Wall decor: It just takes a few thumb tacks to turn your messy cap drawer into a gallery wall of your favorites. 

FEATURED // Signature Cycling Cap

Signature Cycling Cap Signature Cycling Cap Signature Cycling Cap
  • Signature Cycling Cap
  • Signature Cycling Cap
  • Signature Cycling Cap

Signature Cycling Cap

$ 30

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    • Small: 20” - 22”
    • Medium: 21”-23”


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