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Pedal Through, by first-time film director and new mountain biker Analise. Follow her journey of self-healing and growth during a week-long bikepacking adventure through the Oregon backcountry.


Indoor cycling is a fast-paced, high-intensity, and sweaty activity, making the need for moisture-wicking, breathable fabric technology even more important. Plus, when you're pumping and pedaling in the saddle without the breeze or scenery to distract you, comfort is key. Even a small amount of saddle pain can be enough to derail your focus, and ruin the ride. 

Machines For Freedom Indoor Cycling apparel is designed from the ground up for women who ride. Featuring an ergonomically-designed chamois, the padded cycling shorts provide protection from friction, chafing, and uncomfortable pressure. 

machinesforfreedom Essential Cycling Short Black $ 148.00
MACHINES FOR FREEDOM Indoor Cycling Essentials Kit with Padded Shorts $ 178.00 $ 203.00
machinesforfreedom Essential Cycling Pant Black $ 158.00
MACHINES FOR FREEDOM Short Sleeve Luxe Cropped Base $ 55.00
MACHINES FOR FREEDOM Indoor Cycling Essentials Kit with Padded Leggings from $ 178.00 $ 203.00
MACHINES FOR FREEDOM Long Sleeve Luxe Cropped Base $ 65.00