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Summerweight Sleeves

Summerweight Sleeves
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Must have item for every ride. Africa tested.

These sun sleeves are part of my go to cycling kit. They excel over every other sun sleeves I've worn. They are light , silky smooth, and fit perfectly. I wore them everyday on a cycling trip from Cairo to Cape Town. The sun is punishing in Africa, especially near the equator. You bake. These sun sleeves provided incredible protection yet were never hot, even through the sweltering Sahara desert. If you are worried about getting overheated with sunsleeves, don't be. I would have been much hotter and worse out without them. Not to mention the skin damage and terrible tan lines. I can't imagine cycling without them. And they look awesome with all my kits. Unfortunately, after 6 months of constant use and wringing them out by hand, they have finally stretched out and are now sagging. I will definitely be a little more gentle on them when washing to ensure they last longer.

Sun Protection is cool!

Just wanna give MFF props for making sun protection cool and comfy! I’d much rather cover up than slather on sunscreen. I’m waiting for the long bibs to come back in stock but would love some leg sun sleeves if that’s even possible?! I have some dorky white sugio’s that I’d love to replace with something stylish by MFF!

Phenomenal Sleeves

These are lightweight, block the sun and stay on your arms without being too tight. I've been incredibly happy with my purchase and may get another pair. Unlike some of the other reviewers, these fit my arms well without being too tight and are easy to take off.


These sleeve are the same high quality material as the summer weight jerseys. I love the pair I bought -- So much better than lathering in sunscreen. They fit perfectly.

Feel nice, pretty color (pacific), pretty tight on my upper arms.

I am not sure if I will wear them super often as the tops are pretty pinchy on my upper arms, but if my t shirt sleeves are long enough I can wear them lower.