The Solo Ride

Ride alone and wait for no one. Make a left when you usually go right. Find yourself on a long road you are pretty sure leads in the right direction... Follow your gut because it's usually right.

With a tube in your saddle bag and snacks for four hours and a jacket in case it gets windy out in the high desert, you have all you need. Kind strangers ask if you need help and you politely wave, knowing that you don't.

After 60 or 90 or 110 miles of pedaling, descending, navigating, thinking, you kit down in a flash and suddenly there is stillness. It's almost shocking that no one knows what you've just been through: no one knows you just climbed a mountain. No one knows you descended at your fastest speed yet, without fear. No one knows you truly thought you weren't going to make it but finally did... To the gas station at the bottom of the descent where you chugged 2 sodas back to back chased by a bag of peanuts and then licked your fingers (which were dirty) and headed back towards home.

This huge experience, a day equal in intensity and tranquility, leaves you standing in front of the refrigerator in a daze. The best part is that it's purely and singularly yours.

A secret treat to savor... A smile to yourself.

Here's to the solo rides.



Creative: Warren Kommers, Jennifer Kriske, Ginger Boyd
Rider: Ginger Boyd
Director: Warren Kommers
Music: "Moon Fever" by Superpitcher