Machines in Utah! from Machines For Freedom on Vimeo.



"I've always wanted to ride out here." 

-- Steph Ortega

Taking on something you've never done before can be equal parts scary, exciting, fun, overwhelming... you name it. 

For Steph, it was riding a long endurance road ride. For Jess, it was the gravel. For Gritchelle, it was riding with folks (for days!) she'd never met before. 

Each rider taking on a different challenge, each coming away with a different perspective. 

We set out to show that anyone can do this. 

No fancy equipment needed. Just a willingness to challenge yourself, a route that inspires you... and if you're like us, a nice hotel with a warm bed at the end of each day!


Jessica Baumgardner | Ginger Boyd | Gritchelle Fallesgon | Aimee Gilchrist | Stephanie Ortega | Sarah Swallow
 Videographer: Hannah Kirby
Editor: Sasha Perry
VFX: Roxy Zuckerman