We use the highest quality fabrics from Italy and Switzerland. If technical features make your eyes glaze over, here's the skinny:


Machines Jerseys are made using a Swiss fabric that feels like silk against the skin. The minute you feel your jersey for the first time, you might just want to throw all your other gear out -- no joke. Plus, it offers UPF 50 to protect you from the sun (no more getting a sunburn THROUGH your clothes).


COMPRESSION: This fabric has the magic combination of being form-fitting and disguising any lumps or bumps you may be concerned about. This means no excess fabric flapping around, no rubber-band around the bottom that constantly slides up over your hips, none of that. Think sleek. Think svelte. It might not make you faster, but you'll feel powerful and confident, and that's even more important. 


COLDBLACK: Our jerseys have a coating called Coldblack technology. It sounds complicated, but really it's just designed to limit the amount that the fabric absorbs heat. It helps your jersey reflect the sun's heat to keep you cooler. 


Those iconic swaths of coral and black under the arms are made of a highly breathable Italian fabric designed to wick moisture and allow air to pass through easily. 


Plus, no matter how much you sweat none of these fabrics will show moisture. That's definitely a bonus for running into friends after a hard ride.