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Pedal Through, by first-time film director and new mountain biker Analise. Follow her journey of self-healing and growth during a week-long bikepacking adventure through the Oregon backcountry.


A wise woman once said, "It's easier to turn bike friends into real friends than it is to turn real friends into bike friends." 

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What is it about joining in on a group activity that makes us feel it is necessary to give everyone a PSA regarding our potential performance? It’s important to note, also, that no one ever asks this of you when you show up to a new group ride. No scary gang of girls rushes up on you, demanding to know if you will slow them down on the hills. 

"Goals aren't always about succeeding. Most of the time they are about really putting in a real effort to possibly succeed." Read the interview. 

Some purists will scoff at the idea of mucking up a nice clean setup with a tacky bag hanging off the back, but we here at MFF are die hard saddle bag converts. Chalk it up to our love affair with cycling accessories, with being prepared for any disaster, or maybe we just like to ruffle Fred Feathers.

There is a moment, before it happens, when it is unclear what is really going on. A frenzied series of questions and justifications run through your mind, trying to explain away this troubling phenomenon. 

Without fear, would I know when to stop? Fear is so primal and emotional. A much more effective method than thinking. Like an automatic safe-o-meter. Maybe I trust it to pop-up just when I need it. And trust that I will listen to it and use it as a gauge of my boundaries and abilities...

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If there's anything I've learned this year it's that sometimes the best parts are the unexpected parts.  The happy surprises you can't predict and don't plan for...


The Velominati may be gospel to the hardcore roadie. But when it comes to women and cycling, we felt there could be a few addendums to THE RULES. Weigh-in and tell us where you stand!


Before embarking on my trip to the Pyrenees all my non-cycling friends had the same question... “Why?” Hmmm. That is a very good question...

Everybody knows that getting on a bike gets you svelte, but the perks to cycling don't stop there. From insta-friends to instant street cred, there's more to cycling than just feeling fit. Here are the top ten reasons being a babe on a bike is rad...

I can be quite an over-thinker. I get stuck between should and want, think and feel. I make things black or white with no room for grey. If I do what I should do, I’ll miss out on all the fun. If I do what I want to do, I will screw everything up. Maybe, just maybe, there is room to live a little...

With women's cycling on the rise, doctors are taking a closer look at a phenomenon called "Bike Face" that has plagued lady cyclists in the 1800's. Back then, stories of women "looking tired", having "dark circles under their eyes", or having symptoms as extreme as "clenched jaws and bulging eyes" ran rampant as women experimented with a new invention called The Bicycle. While little proof existed back then, new telescopic photo technology gives us new evidence that the phenomenon is real....


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