We're joining a new movement! It's called Women Led Wednesday and it's designed to encourage spending at women-led brands on the Wednesday before Black Friday. In other words, on a week that's usually based on frenzied sales and making huge companies even bigger.

We love the concept of this movement, but there's no rush to shop today. Supporting these women/trans/nonbinary-led brands on any day of the year is a fantastic way to financially support women in business, allow the companies to thrive, hire even more women, POCs, and queer folks, and create more role models that challenge the idea of who can be a "business leader." 

Because you can shop Machines any time, we compiled a list of our favorite brands with women* at the helm. 

So start your holiday shopping with this list, or bookmark it for later. And don't forget to tell us about any other brands we may not know about!

BFF BikesChicago, IL

A Machines dealer and completely Women/Trans/Femme focused shop. We love BFF Bikes!

Bike EffectSanta Monica, CA

Bike Effect will always hold a very special place in our hearts. Co-owned by Alison Letson, Bike Effect was where we first started developing the Machines bib, and were our very first brick and mortar dealer! They believed in us from the start. 

Bike Recyclery

Used bike parts galore! Carefully curated by Justyne, bikecamping queen featured in our bikecamping story here

Gladys Bikes, Portland, OR

Another woman-owned and totally women-focused shop! We love that. Owner Leah Benson is especially focused on helping women find their perfect saddle. 

Specialized Costa Mesa, Costa Mesa, CA

Run by Melissa Morelli, and another Machines dealer, this shop recently let us take over for a full-on Machines weekend celebrating facing fears and spreading good vibes. It was an amazing event bringing together women from across SoCal.

Sun And AirBrooklyn, NY

Anna Maria Wolf opened Sun and Air with her husband, Shawn, and she was also one of the first to spread the word about Machines with her online magazine, Pretty Damned Fast. Keep crushing, Anna Maria! 

Ellum Bagworks

Seriously, if you're not rocking a handlebar bag right now, you need one! Even though you can fit ALL YOUR SH*T in your Machines jersey pockets, it's really really nice to stuff it all in a bag and not worry about it!

Keirin Cut Jeans

We just learned about this brand and were kinda blown away! If you have trouble finding off-the-bike clothes to accommodate your cyclist thighs, these jeans are for you.

No So Patches

OK these are sooo rad. Pre-cut patches so you can easily repair your outdoor gear at home, yourself, without sewing! Genius, and environmentally friendly! 

Swift Industries

The coolest in bikecamping gear. Need we say more?

Standard Themes

You've probably seen these scarves pop up in more than one Machines shoot. It's because we LOVE them with our kits on cool days! Designed and printed by hand by Emberly Modine, they make perfect gifts as well. 

Wild Rye

One of Wild Rye's founders is the rad lady who dreamed up this whole concept of WLW! We couldn't leave them off the list, plus their mountain gear is DOPE. 



Cyclist.. Printmaker... Pet Pillow queen? Yes. You know you know someone who needs a life-size pillow version of their cat. (Hint, that person is ME).  

Dazey LA

Sustainable, ethically-made fashion made in Downtown LA with a purpose of empowerment. We love Dazey!

Dovetail Workwear

This Portland-based women's workwear brand is so epic. 

Gyde & Seek

An all-female-run travel brand that leads tours in 12 destinations across the world! Committed to ethical tourism, 2% of all proceeds go directly to a non-profit in the city you visit. 

Kirrin Finch

Androgynous, sustainably made clothing with a focus on giving back to the LGBTQ community and empowering women. Boom. 


Gender-neutral clothing. It's the future and Monochromatic is there already. a

Paper & Clay

We're tea drinkers at Machines and there's almost nothing better than cozying up with a hot cup after a chilly ride! We love these handmade ceramics from Brit McDaniel. Did we mention she's also a cyclist?

Rhys May Jewelry

Beautiful handmade jewelry by an up-and-coming cyclocrosser! 

Sloane & Tate

Run by women, created by women, and produced at women-run factories in LA. And yes, you probably need new undies. 

Tuesday Bassen

We've been obsessed with Tuesday for a minute now. Another handmade clothing brand from LA, but Tuesday's art really sets her work apart. 

Avenue ID

This list would not be complete without the ladies who funded our founder's side hustle while Machines was still growing. Hit up this duo for any interior design needs you may have. 


A new kind of card game. We love this!


Sorry, excuse us while we fangirl. Sunscreen and Boybrow. Thank us later. 

Hana Hana Beauty

Love this skincare brand focused on empowering women of color and sourcing their materials sustainably with female artisans in Ghana! Plus, the founder Abena is super fun to follow on IG. 

The HandyMadam

For all you LA locals, we just came across this gal recently and she's so badass. Like um, YES I would rather a cool lady come over to hang my shelves rather than a handyman with plumber's crack. There should be a Handy Madam in every city!

Hidden Opulence

Drea Johnson is a super talented seamstress based in Portland, OR. Need something altered? Have an idea in mind for some fabric that's been lying around your house? Call her! 

La Sweat Media

From the gal who brought you the dopest women's crit team in the US, La Sweat Media is a content agency bringing the social back to social media. 


Another new one, this lady founded a platform for beginner podcasters. It's so easy to use and makes it all seem so approachable. Ummm also sneak peak? We may or may not be working on a pod. SHHHH!

A Quick Brown Fox

We've been Ayesha-fans since FOREVER and there's more than one way to support this gal. Listen to her podcast here (hint: it's excellent) or check out some #representationmatters merch

Range Magazine

Can't get enough of this team of women combining creative + outdoors. Buy the mag, seriously. And check us out featured here

The Tifosi

Owned by Machines-friend Nikki Strickland, The Tifosi is an HR consulting firm designed to help make sure companies are inclusive and fair to everyone. 

Welcome  Home Studio

Hold up! A women-owned, queer friendly tattoo and community space in Brooklyn? Brb while we make an appointment... 

Special thanks to Danielle Kosecki & everyone who answered in IG Stories to help Ginger in compiling this list!