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Pedal Through, by first-time film director and new mountain biker Analise. Follow her journey of self-healing and growth during a week-long bikepacking adventure through the Oregon backcountry.

Self Care / Self Portrait: Lana Adams


As the world shelters in place, we are looking for more ways to tune into self care and channel a new sense of balance. Somedays that looks like getting lost in an art project or a long solo ride and other days it looks like watching 20 episodes of The Office. Both are valid, and believe me, we've already done them both! While we all ride this wave of uncertainty together, Machines aims to (as always) spread good vibes.

To get a peek inside our community, we asked five photographers to share self portraits showing us how they are practicing self care while in isolation. This project, Self Care / Self Portrait, shows us how we aren't alone in what we're doing and feeling. We're all in this together. Read on to hear our Lana Adams is navigating isolation and stay tuned for more stories from our community.