Introducing ROKA x MACHINES, the new collab collection from two fearless brands. Cycling is a sport deeply entrenched in tradition; tradition that influences product design, styling, and everything from sock height to ride etiquette. But what happens when a brand comes in unafraid to challenge that tradition and redefine the standard? Gear that just works—for everyone. 

This shared spirit of rebellion is what brought together ROKA x MACHINES. ROKA is on a mission to tear down the wall between style and performance with unbelievably stylish, lightweight eyewear packed with a stunning amount of performance technology. Machines For Freedom has  shaken up the cycling world by boldly creating the best-fitting, highest performing women's cycling apparel in a sea of ill-fitting kit.

ROKA x MACHINES: The limited edition capsule, built on a shared purpose of challenging the status quo in order to push the entire industry forward.