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Pedal Through, by first-time film director and new mountain biker Analise. Follow her journey of self-healing and growth during a week-long bikepacking adventure through the Oregon backcountry.

Holding on For Group Rides

When Machines launched in 2014, the magic that happens when womxn come together to adventure, push themselves, and help each other, was one of the driving forces behind the brand. Whether we found ourselves in a powerful paceline, pushing the limits of speed and strength, or fanned out across the trail, snapping pics and cracking jokes, coming together was a way to hold space, and to deny the status quo that tried to push us to the outskirts of the sport. And it was powerful. We've never felt more able to tackle ANYTHING than when surrounded by womxn who would cheer us on and show us how. 

In a sport built upon elitism and exclusion, focusing on the joys, the adventures, the strength and the softness of womxn on bikes was radical... It is radical.

It's no surprise to us that now, in 2020, though the conversations are different, it is still these moments that buoy us up and allow us to keep holding space to create change. Though group rides are on hold for now, it feels more important than ever to remember that magic.

Here are a few snapshots from our last adventure. We don't know about y'all, but we're bookmarking these for inspo when the days get lonely and we're dreading the millionth solo mile. Until then, we'll see y'all on the internet!

Photography by Natalie Starr