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Pedal Through, by first-time film director and new mountain biker Analise. Follow her journey of self-healing and growth during a week-long bikepacking adventure through the Oregon backcountry.

The Cap Guide

How does the old saying go, cycling caps are a girl's best friend? When it comes to riding bikes they really are. 

Machines is turning two years old this month and to celebrate, we knew we wanted to release a special edition cap.  To us, caps are the ultimate multi-taskers. They're fun to wear and have countless uses on and off the bike. They're the icing on an exceptionally styled kit cake, if you will.

For this very special birthday cap we decided to bring back one of our iconic prints in a new way. You can learn more about that here. For now, let's delve into what makes caps so great. 



#1: Sweat-soaker. 

Caps act as a built-in sweat rag for long, hot rides. They prevent sweat from turning your sunscreen into a melty mess and keep that bacteria away from your helmet pads. You can wash them much easier than a helmet, thus extending the life of that lid. 

#2: Sun-blocker. 

Sunscreen and shades are great, but nothing blocks the sun quite like a physical visor. 

#3: Helmet A/C!

Soak your cap in cold water on summer rides for a built in cooling system!

#4: Hair-protector. 

Sun exposure can wreak havoc on expensive hair color. Protect your investment with a cap!

#5: Speaking of hair...

Banish helmet hair at mid-ride cafe stops with a cap. 

#6: The styling opportunities are endless. 

Even the same old kit can look new again with a fresh combo of cap and socks!

#7: Make it personal. 

Take note from @ladeezoflunch and add a pin to your brim!

#8: Wall decor.

It just takes a few thumb tacks to turn your messy cap drawer into a gallery wall of your favorites. 


There you have it!

Just a few reasons why caps are our favorite (and most utilitarian) piece of kit besides, you know, actual kit. Special thanks to the Machines community for endless inspiration on Instagram! Photos from left to right courtesy of:

@mklawaters, @addiemargaret, @seb_tru, @tessuuhh, @carlyomalley, @alexthompsonphoto, @darceyy, @renukahmasi, @kaiitom, @maeelizabethg, @mas.mela, @lisa_furrymonster, @truecyclery, @hammer_toole, @ladeezoflunch and @halezyay!

Got an ingenious cap use of your own? Share below!