Photo by Tracy Chandler

A wise woman once said, "It's easier to turn bike friends into real friends than it is to turn real friends into bike friends." 

But how do you go about it?

Maybe you're the only lady in your crew to take to two wheels, and most people you know look at you like you have two heads when you casually mention riding 100 miles in a day. Maybe you've just moved to a new city. Maybe you have a regular group, but want to meet someone new to switch things up. Either way, we've created this handy guide which may or not resemble some advice your mother would give you to find a date (not that we think you need a date, but you know, moms like to hint at that type of stuff). And, just like mom's advice, it's chock full of clichés.




Tip #1: You'll never get anywhere sitting on the couch. 

Just like with romance, you have to actually put yourself out there. Yep, this means joining a new group ride or hitting up a girl you know from the interwebs to get together and ride. 

Tip #2: Lower your expectations.

Don't go out on a ride with someone new expecting to have met your soul mate. Hey, Rome wasn't built in a day and neither will this relationship. Sometimes you'll ride with someone and it'll be fun, but you'll know in your heart that you might not ride solo with them again. Don't be afraid to turn the metaphorical cheek when they lean in for a kiss. There's plenty of fish in the sea. 

Tip #3: There's no such thing as love at first sight.

You've got to actually ride with the girl before making any decisions! Just because she's got a sick ride and superb photo taking skills doesn't mean your riding styles will mesh. 

Tip #4: Be clear.

Ok, so you've made it to the first date. Make sure to be clear about your expectations for the ride. Is this a social spin? A tempo ride? Interval training? It can be frustrating if one person is ready to lay down the hammer and the other is stopping to smell the roses. 

Tip #5: Come prepared.

Not with flowers and candy, but tools and snacks.