On the holiday that celebrates freedom it feels natural to think about how that word inspires us. For Machines, freedom is about letting go.  Letting go of the rules, inhibitions, and expectations that hold you back. Letting go of the rigidity built into our everyday lives to find moments of pure stoke. 

Being fueled by freedom doesn't mean throwing out the rule book, it just means taking each rule with a grain of salt. You might be on a strict regime that prescribes one hour of power prison, but that doesn't mean you can't say "Screw it," when you and your posse naturally fall into a well-oiled paceline and the speed quickens as you are effortlessly sucked into their draft. Or maybe your training plan calls for intervals on the same day that your best friend becomes available to tackle that peak that you've both been eyeing. Go for it.  Open yourself up to those moments that make you feel alive. 

When we think about the times our bike brings us the most joy it’s when our mind quiets and we become perfectly in tune with the swoops and dips of the road ahead. Cresting a climb, letting your hands off the brakes, and feeling yourself free-fall down a long twisty road. The type of thrill that bubbles up on gooseflesh skin when it's just your breath in your ears and a strong wheel to follow.

These precious moments are fleeting; go chase them. Your training plan (and all the other "should's") will still be there on Tuesday.

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Hanneke wears:

The Modern Dot Print // Aubergine

The Endurance Bib // Tall

The Summit Sock // Evergreen

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The Geofloral Print

The Endurance Bib

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Images by Tracy Chandler