Meet Indigo, the newest print in the Machines Endurance Jersey Collection. To capture the rich shades of this new print, we called on some friends, old and new, for a trek out to Wind Wolves.  

As we meandered along the winding fire roads and through golden grasses, each one of us had something new to contend with. Quinn got comfortable riding skinny tires on dirt, and Nathan took a spill navigating a slippery water section. They got up quicker than anyone, and with a contagious smile the entire ride! Nikita reminded us all to tell each other we're beautiful, because sometimes, we forget.

We left the preserve, an oasis of no-cell-service and barely a soul in sight, with a realization. It's the friendships that matter most. Whether you've all just met or you've had each other's backs for years, it's moments like these that are meant to be cherished. 

Keep it true blue ❤️ with Indigo