It can be easy to get bogged down in what you have to do: training, work, responsibilities. But if pedaling ever starts to feel like a job, you're in trouble. When those thoughts start to creep in, there's one tried and true remedy:

Turn off your Garmin and head out for a ride. You don't need to plan a route, chances are your bike will lead the way. Suddenly, you notice a thousand shades of green in the grass. New bursts of flowers in fuchsia, peach, and rose, overflowing from a neighbor's yard. Even the soft yellows of ripening citrus just beg to be plucked. 

Color! It's everywhere and all you need to do is notice. Now included in two new versions of Machines' Signature Cap.

Add a pop of green or a soft touch of pink to your kit and remember to look around every once in a while. 




Signature Cap // Rose and Kelly


Images by Tracy L Chandler