Cacti are the kings of self-defense. Prickly, harsh, and able to withstand severe drought, they are beautiful in their brutality. But not necessarily something you want your skin to emulate.

Don't be a cactus. 

Protect your skin. Keep it soft, safe, and protected.

In a few decades, you don't want to look like you've been outside all that time -- even if you have. Sun protection is proactive, it's responsible, and it's totally necessary. But it doesn't have to be all zinc-white noses and greasy skin. 

Machines Summerweight Sleeves provide weightless sun protection in UPF 50. Like sunscreen you never have to reapply. So lightweight you won't overheat, with soft silicon grippers to eliminate pinching and slipping.



Summerweight Sleeves // Aloe

Summerweight Sleeves // Pacific

Summerweight Sleeves // Black