Raise your hand if bikes have become a huge part of your life. Like so big that they take up an entire room in your house, or your entire social life has changed because you'd rather be up at the crack of dawn to catch the morning light than spend a late night out.

We get it. Because we're those girls too. 

And yet, cycling still does not define who we are. Neither does it define the other amazing, creative, intelligent women we know who spend as many hours on the bike as at their day jobs. When we think about who these women are we don’t think “Cyclists” (period). We think friends, pick-up basketball champions, filmmakers and film-fanatics, chefs and snack-eaters, advice givers and story tellers.  Though all of us spend enough time in kit that we might have closets dedicated to it, we don’t necessarily live and die by Lycra. This reality, that we can live and breathe bikes but live and breathe other things too, is one we hold close to our hearts.

At Machines, we design kit for the "You" that rides bikes. But that doesn't mean we’ve forgotten about those other versions of “You,” that might appreciate the merits of good denim or prefer a hairstyle that doesn't fit easily under a helmet. Your kit needs to perform on the bike without feeling like something that doesn’t match who you are; it needs to give you confidence whether you’re rolling up to a notoriously serious group ride or eating tacos and telling stories with your crew.

The idea that kit could be stylish in “the real world” was a big jump. We tried it for a night out at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk followed by wine and Thai food. The result? No sideways glances and no self-doubt. Turns out The Daybreak Wind Jacket goes just as well with a pair of black jeans as it does with bibs. And The MVP layers perfectly under The Galaxie Wind Vest and a loose button-up. Because who hasn’t ridden to dinner in tennis shoes and clipless pedals?


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The Daybreak Wind Jacket

The Galaxie Wind Vest


Images by Tracy Chandler