Introducing UV.You Sleeves

Get noticed for you, not your cyclist tan. 

Summer as a cyclist means hot, long and dusty rides; hours baking in the sun and searching for the next fire station to refill bottles. The thing is, most of us are more than cyclists. We're friends and sisters and businesswomen and summer means more than just riding. It means your your family BBQ and your best friend's wedding and days off spent at the beach! 

Us girls at Machines are die-hard cyclists, but we also like dresses and tank tops. That's why our ultra lightweight UV.You Sleeves have become our go-to accessory to minimize tan lines. They're better than sunscreen because they provide SPF 50 without the goop. Plus, they're 100% sweat-proof which means you'll never have to reapply. From summer centuries to poolside recovery sessions, we've got you covered.

So you can be a cyclist, but you can also be yourself.  

Featured Items

Hanneke wears:

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Ginger Wears:

Arm Screens // Coral

Signature Cap // Coral

The Modern Dot Print Jersey // Aubergine


Images by Tracy Chandler